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What’s Jogo Juice?
JOGO JUICE is a delicious healthy drink made from the nectar of hibiscus flowers.  A bottle of JOGO JUICE is full of taste and nutrients that boost the immune system and detoxify the body. It is also made of pure organic hibiscus juice, with 100% natural ingredients, sustainably grown flowers, with no preservatives added, no GMO and no caffeine.
What’s in a bottle of Jogo ?
A Jogo bottle contains 100% of healthy energy.

ingredients (red hibiscus juice): dried red hibiscus flowers, filtered water, fresh mint leaves, organic cane sugar, natural vanilla extract, orange blossom water

ingredients (white hibiscus juice): dried white hibiscus flowers, filtered water, organic pineapple, , organic cane sugar, natural vanilla extract, orange blossom water.

How much calories per bottle?
37 calories per 237ml/8oz

How much sugar per bottle?

5g of sugar for 237ml/8oz

What are the Health Benefits of Jogo?
  • Great source of Antioxidants
  • Excellent source of Vitamin C
  • Regulate high blood pressure
  • Excellent source of Energy
  • Good for digestion
  • Manage weight
  • Replenishes body


It is also recommended to drink hibiscus juice before and after workout. His excellent source of Antioxidant provides a powerful defense against attacking molecules called free radicals, which damage muscles through a chemical process called oxidation. Free radicals decrease the repair in cellular, muscle damage and inflammation. Antioxidants are commonly forgotten in the diet and are crucial to any athletes or active person’s diet

Can i find Jogo at my local store. What do I do? 

We’d love to know which store is interested in buying Jogo. Please e-mail us the store’s info at and we will work to make it happen.
Where can i find Jogo?
Jogo is available in some stores in Canada. Please check out our list of retailers.
Where do you deliver?
We actually deliver all around in Canada and US.
How long does it take to receive my Jogo pack/box?
Canada : 3-4 business days
US: 4-7 business days
Why the name “JOGO”?
Jogo is a mixed of my parents names. They played , invested, always trusted and always raised me up in my business. I am at this stage of Faye beverage because of them. I needed to honor them and the mix of their names was perfect for faye beverage. "God raises the real man" God raises me to create Faye beverage.
Jo= (JO)-sephine = God raises 
Go= n(GO)r = the real man 
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