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Faye Beverage is a company that produces vegan, plant-based and healthy drinks. Our drinks are straight made from hibiscus flowers and fresh fruits. We promote natural, healthy and delicious beverages. 

We believe in the power of superfoods, and the hibiscus flowers are one of them, we want the world to benefit from it.

We promote diversity and exoticism in our products, but we are also contributing to people’s wellness, lifestyle and daily consumption. Our mission is to introduce our Canadian consumers to a healthy fusion of flavors from overseas.







JOGO JUICE (Hibiscus drink) is a delicious healthy alternative to over processed sugar filled soft drinks.  A bottle of JOGO JUICE is full of taste and nutrients that help boost the immune system and detoxify the body all whole providing the added touch of its flavours.

It is 100% natural, has no preservatives added, and doesn't contain any GMOs or caffeine.

We provide fast shipping across the Canada

We offer good quality and competitive prices on all our products

We guarantee secure payment with the most secure payment methods

We work every day to ensure an unstoppable service to satisfy you

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